It was time to make a change, which means having the right stool is essential in making that experience perfect. That’s why ecomartinez prides itself on its vast and growing collection of fashionable, reliable, and comfortable portable stools.

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Best Portable Stool For Heavy People

Traveling is an issue that many heavy people have to face. So, as a plus-size person, you don’t know the places that are comfortable for you when you go for a vacation or on a business trip.

Many heavy people prefer road trips rather than flying but sitting problem will remain same. They were humiliated in public that they could break the seat and could not get the place to sit for a while. Due to their obese weight, they cannot stand for too long, which would increase pressure on their feet, ankles, and lower limbs which more likely results in cardiovascular problems or and arthritis. To overcome this issue, we introduced our retractable portable stool ideal for overweight people like adults, seniors, and teenagers.

Benefits of Portable Stool For Heavy Person:

There are some features that makes it best for heavy people.

Fish Scale Structure & Special Material:

The unique fish scale structure and high-quality nylon-modified plastic material give the stool remarkable strength and rigidity. This fish scale structure makes it easy to open/close. This folding stool is very wear-resistant and has a long service life. It is a good choice for outdoor travel and camping.

Super Stable:

The portable folding stool body consists of 120 locks that keep the stool body tightly close and prevent it from collapsing. The interlamellar gap is further reduced to 0.1mm making the stool more stable. Anti-tilt ability is stronger than other brands can resist all kinds of weather conditions. All of these make the stool more durable.

Load Capacity:

The biggest advantage of this stool is its load capacity. After our precise experimental test, the actual weight-bearing can reach up to 600lbs giving you the safest guarantee which makes it best for heavy people. The Capacity of resistance to tilt is stronger than other brands. All these make the stool more sturdy and durable

Take a Break When You Need It, Anytime, Any Place:

Our portable stool is convenient and practical for anyone who can’t stand or walk for long periods of time especially for heavy people and for elders perfect for intermittent sitting or as a folding sports stool with an easy open/ close mechanism.

Easily Take It Anywhere you go:

There is less stamina in heavy people due to their obese weight so they cannot carry heavy things with them. So, we designed a stool in a way that it’s a lightweight and heavy-duty structure at the same. Our versatile and portable folding stool can be easily carried into your backpack/luggage or car. The adjustable strap allows you to carry it in your hand or hanging on your shoulder. It can serve both indoor & outdoor activities making it perfect for outdoor events, waiting in lines, yard work, card games or chess, festivals, and theme parks.

Easy installation and use:

It’s super easy to use just hold the designated sports and pull open to both ends, making it a slight twist when pulling to the desired height, the stool will automatically lock-safe and secure. Same process for closing the stool


If you are an overweight person and avoiding travel due to sitting problem this stool is the best solution to all of your problems that gives you comfortable and safe sitting. You can use this for both indoor and outdoor activities. So just carry your seat anywhere with you.

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