It was time to make a change, which means having the right stool is essential in making that experience perfect. That’s why ecomartinez prides itself on its vast and growing collection of fashionable, reliable, and comfortable portable stools.

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Best Portable Stool for Travel

2021 has been a really tough time for traveling but don’t postpone your plans for 2022. The biggest difficulty you faced while traveling is to find an adequate place for sitting in various public places or private spaces especially for elders. Most of the people are left standing or waiting for public transportation like buses, trains or finding a rock or any spot to relax for a while. The portable folding stool is the best solution to all your problems whether you go for a hiking, fishing, camping or for a picnic, etc.  

Benefits of Portable Stool For Travel:

There are some benefits of portable stools that make traveling easier.


While traveling it's very difficult to carry more stuff with you especially when you go hiking or climbing. You tried your best to carry the things that are lightweight. So, due to sitting problem, you cannot carry the chair or that heavy stool with you. To overcome this problem, we have our incredible portable stool that is super easy to with you. The stool weights 2.4lbs that comes with a strap which makes it easier to carry on the shoulder or you can tie it on your back during traveling.

Comfortable Cushion seat:

Unlike other stiff stools, we’d like give to you a more comfortable and better outdoor sitting experience. So, for making your traveling more comfortable we added a high-quality cushion seat on top of the stool gives you a softer and flexible sitting experience, especially for elders. The Cushion is made of a high-density sponge, comfortable, and soft for sitting. The Cover cushion is made of oxford cloth that is waterproof and can be taken off for washing, easier to use.  So, Goodbye to the traditional stools, just get our cozy foldable stool and enjoy the fantastic time.

Small Size:

The biggest advantage of this stool is its small size. It's the best stool you can travel with. It’s retractable which means it can be easily open and closed. The stool is foldable so you can easily compact it in your bag or suitcase Diameter and height of this camping stool in the closed state is 9.9" and 2.4", so it's portable to be used everywhere, such as concerts, camping, hiking, gaming, subway, city center, parks or home.

Height Adjustable:

Another reason this stool is best for traveling is that it’s adjustable which means it can be used for both adults and kids. You don’t have to carry different stools with you for elders and kid this one stool can be multi-use for all ages. You can easily adjust its height freely between 2.5 inches to 18 inches.

Robust and Stable:

The stool is super strong and stable for heavy people. Its fish structure and ABS material give the stool remarkable strength that it can support a maximum load of 500lbs plus its sturdier base prevents the stool from slipping especially on the snowy area.


The Portable folding stools can be widely used indoor and outdoor, very suitable for commuting, golf, fishing, backpacking and trailing, theme parks, concerts, camping, travel, and indoor activities. The beauty, functionality, durability, and portability of this collapsible stool make it the best choice for friends and family on holidays or any occasion and your best traveling partner.


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